Be Kind To Your Engine With Brown Gas

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More Benefits For Using HHO Auto Gas

You’ve heard the saying “be kind to your Mother”, well the same goes for your engine. The many benefits for using HHO auto gas or brown gas will allow you to do just that, be kind to your engine.  Here’s what your engine will give you back…….

A Better Engine Life

When it comes to the car engine, there are many moving parts and it is shown that these parts like rings, bearings and pistons have a higher efficiency when in contact with water. Because water is a solvent, it keeps these parts cooler by taking away additional heat so their life expectancy is prolonged.  By using water the carbon deposits are lowered too, this in turn lowers the combustion of the engine, and that’s also a good thing.

Quieter Engine.

As engine noise is proportional to the engine temperature, lower the temperature of a running engine, lower the engine noise.  By using brown gas or HHO auto gas, that is, combined water and gas to run the engine, the water acts as a coolant.  The operating temperature of the car is lowered, the noise level decreases.  The result, a quieter running engine and smoother greashifts.

Better Mileage.

Vehicles that have been fitted with the device to allow this technology, that is using brown gas or HHO auto gas, to improve the performance of the car, have experienced between 40% and 60% improvement in mileage.  With the increased gas prices that is a huge saving, about two thousand dollars a year and with gas prices going up and not down, that will be a bigger saving in the near future.

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HHO – What is it?

With the rising prices of gasoline, you may have heard the term HHO being mentioned in the news and on the internet.  Without, going into a scientific explanation, HHO stands for 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen, in layman’s terms, it’s brown gas.

In simple terms, it is water being separated into individual elements, through a process called electrolysis. Direct current from a battery is passed through water (preferably distilled water with baking soda) and by using electrodes (one positive and one negative) HHO gas is extracted from the water.

Hydrogen gas will bubble up from the cathode (positive current) and oxygen will come from the anode (negative current).  The result is HHO gas, oxyhydrogen or commonly known as brown gas.

There are several applications for the use of HHO, such as lighting, welding and recently the popularity of using HHO as fuel for automobiles.  At present the internal combustion engine does not burn fuel efficiently, causing much of the fuel to be sent out in the exhaust. 

Added to gasoline, HHO helps to increase burn velocity, providing additional time for the combustion process to take place.  In addition, the use of HHO allows the engine to run on a leaner air to fuel ratio, resulting in better gas mileage and reduced emissions.


Using HHO or Brown Gas To Run Your Car Has Many Benefits.

I just read a post on a forum about Toyota in Japan it seems like they are planning to have on the market this year a full hydro water auto.

Using HHO or Brown Gas To Run Your Car Has Many Benefits.

As the gas prices have risen and there is nothing on the horizon to say they will drop back any time soon, people have been looking at ways to use less gas. One way that is becoming very popular is to convert a car to use the technology that has been available for quite some time, and that is to use HHO or brown gas. You will see the many advantages to using this method, listed below are our top benefits.

  1. A Better Exhaust System
  2. Improve The Life Of Your Engine
  3. Lower Engine Temperature, Less Noise.
  4. More Miles To The Gallon.
  5. What Are The Water Need.

So you can see using HHO or brown gas is a win-win situation all round.

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