New Hydrogen On-Demand System Tests Exceed Expectations

Hydrogen Hybrid, Corp. announced its subsidiary Hydrogen Hybrid Fuel Cell Corp. released test results of the new Hydrogen On-Demand System designed for light duty gas and diesel vehicles. The System produces 3.0liters of Hydrogen Gas on only 15 amps which exceeded the companies expectations. Hydrogen Hybrid, Corp. manufactures the Hydrogen On-Demand System, which can increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 30-300%. This cost-effective and environmentally conscious technology can be installed on most diesel,gas, and off-road vehicles and promises to simultaneously increase gas mileage and decrease emissions.

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  1. I seem to have most problems with the lower unit leaking. I need to know how to stop or prevent this. Other than this the only thing I would like to improve on is city driving use.

    • If you can send some pictures of the issue to I’ll see if I can help you out. On the city driving.. results with these units vary greatly from one vehicle to another, but you can always add another unit to it providing you have the room, or a larger one if you don’t. As you know, the more HHO going into the manifold the better your mileage is going to be, assuming of course that you are controlling the computer or have an older vehicle without one.

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