Water-Powered Cars: Hydrogen Electrolyzer Mod Can’t Up MPGs

Water-powered cars continue to be the largest single topic taking over my in box—and the Comments section of this Web site. And it’s not just my recent column on the truth about water-chugging prototypes. This trend has become an obsession with many backyard inventors, and some of them have become quite strident, insisting that if I knew anything at all about cars, I’d be embracing this technology. They say it could help change the world as we know it. They even say it could eliminate the energy crisis altogether. For this sentiment, I applaud them. And honestly, I hope it’s all true.

This is an interesting article and hopefully we will get to see the results as the testing of the HHO auto gas for cars seems to be well done.

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HHO Auto Gas Test?

I was so hopeful that the HHO auto gas system would work and help both the environment and my bank balance. Then I was following a test case and the ‘results’ are posted here. They weren’t what I was wanting but………then I started reading the comments and there were some interesting ones.

Don’t just read the results read the comments too. It’s all very interesting……

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And as I said, make sure you read the comments too. It goes to show that even the so called experts can’t be taken verbatim, we need to do our own due digilence.

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Advantages of Vehicle Fuel Conversions with HHO Kits

The main obvious advantage of an HHO conversion is that you save on gas. Savings can be up to about 60%, although often the figure is nearer 30%. With Americans driving 40 billion less miles since the end of 2007 (from Department of Transportation figures), this whole technology is certainly capturing the interest of haulage firms as well as individuals.

Most governments have started to offer tax incentives for vehicle fuel conversions. In the USA, the IRS offers a $2,000 tax refund to anyone installing a kit. That shoots all the way up to $50,000 for a truck weighing over 26,000 lbs. In Australia they are debating the equivalent of over USD 5,000 for an average sedan. In any case, most places now you can spend around $200 and get at least $2,000 back before you even start saving on gas.

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