New Hydrogen On-Demand System Tests Exceed Expectations

Hydrogen Hybrid, Corp. announced its subsidiary Hydrogen Hybrid Fuel Cell Corp. released test results of the new Hydrogen On-Demand System designed for light duty gas and diesel vehicles. The System produces 3.0liters of Hydrogen Gas on only 15 amps which exceeded the companies expectations. Hydrogen Hybrid, Corp. manufactures the Hydrogen On-Demand System, which can increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 30-300%. This cost-effective and environmentally conscious technology can be installed on most diesel,gas, and off-road vehicles and promises to simultaneously increase gas mileage and decrease emissions.

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Improve The Life Of Your Engine With HHO Auto Gas

Improve The Life Of Your Engine

As with all vehicle engines, there are many moving parts and these components like rings, bearings and pistons have a better performance when in contact with water. These parts are kept cooler as the water, being a solvent, takes away additional heat so their life expectancy is prolonged. Carbon deposits are lower too because of the use of water, this in turn lowers the combustion of the engine, and that’s also a good thing.

Quieter Engine.

The noise of the engine is proportional to the engine temperature, lower the temperature of a running motor, lower the motor noise. By using water as gas, to fuel the engine, the water acts as a coolant. The operating temperature of the car is lowered, the noise level decreases. The result, a quieter running motor and smoother gearshifts.

Car Tax Credits For HHO Auto Gas Conversions

Hybrid Car Tax Credit

Ever since 2005, the IRS has been giving a tax credit to individual taxpayers who drive cars which use alternative fuel sources. There was at one time just a clean fuel burning deduction available to green minded taxpayers, but this only applied to gas-electric hybrid vehicles. In 2005, however, this was replaced by the current legislation, the Energy Policy Act.

By the terms of this 2005 law, the tax credit is taken directly from the total amount of tax which the taxpayer would otherwise owe. This reduces or can even eliminate the tax which the individual in question must pay. If you are unsure whether or not your particular “green” vehicle qualifies for this credit, you can ask your car manufacturer or your local dealership.

If you have bought a hybrid vehicle after January 1 2006, then your vehicle (and you, happily!) qualify for this tax credit. This tax credit will also apply to your vehicle if you have begun to use your car after this date. More Here—>

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HHO Auto Gas, A Hydrogen Generator Synthesize

Quickly Construct a Hydrogen Generator Synthesize HHO Gas

by Matthew Loop

With the increasing interest in alternative fuels today, many people are looking at making their own. A few years ago I did some research online about building my own hydrogen generator, and I was absolutely shocked by what I discovered.

I learned that this technology has been a secret swept under the rug for countless years. I learned how average individuals across the globe have made their own hydrogen generators, turning their cars / trucks into water burning hybrids. This was enabling them to save thousands on their gas bills each year.

Man, I tell you, I was livid because I felt that I had been lied to for all of my life! The only reason this technology was kept a secret was for the simple fact of greed. Big oil and the auto industry were making far too much money to let the cat out of the bag.

Thanks to the increasing use of the inherent, more and more people are realizing that they have been hoodwinked into spending money on something they don’t really need. A social, political, and economic revolution is at hand.

This year I constructed my very own hydrogen cell generator which was surprisingly easy and inexpensive. I bought a manual and conversion kit and then spent around $99 for the materials. If you don’t feel that you’re technologically comfortable putting it together, you can get a friend or your favorite mechanic to help you out.

A small amount of electricity is borrowed from your car’s battery, and it sends a current to the electrodes that are submersed in water, generating on-demand HHO gas. It is a simple, safe, and instant process.

HHO is the result of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule bonding. When this happens they produce three times as much energy as the same amount of gasoline. When you mix the two together, you will find yourself with clean burning fuel, an incredibly fuel efficient car, and an increase in your engine performance.

I guarantee that once you educate yourself on this technology you will be as excited about it as I am. You will have the keys to improving your environmental impact, you’ll spend far less money, and you’ll have freedom from the choke hold that oil companies have on our economy.

About the Author:

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HHO Auto Gas, A Review For Water4Gas

Here is a review of the product Water4Gas, you can read this full review by clicking the link below. Water used for gas is also known as hho auto gas or brown gas.

The cost of living is rapidly rising these days and people are trying
to find ways to save more and spend less. With the continuously rising
cost of fuel, most vehicle owners have sought for various ways in
improving their engine’s fuel efficiency and increase their
mileage. Among the most successful efforts that yielded positive
results is that of Ozzie Freedom.

Based on the many client testimonials and reviews on Ozzie’s product,
HHO has considerably increased their mileage by as much as eighty
percent. To add to that, HHO allows you to save on your fuel expenses
while reducing the amount of heat and pollution that your car releases
to the environment.

Read full review here–>

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HHO Water4Gas Testimonial

In following the hho gas world, I get alot of emails from people at various stages of realization that Water4Gas
technology works. Today, I got a note from Les Pollyea of State Street
Motors in Hastings, MI. He’s been in the automotive repair business for
30 years. When I spoke to him today on the phone, the first words of
his mouth was, “I was a skeptic. And before we started this thing, we looked at it for 2 months trying to figure out if it was a scam or not a scam. So, finally we did it.
And I’m telling you what, we were amazed!” Mr. Pollyea went on to
explain that his whole approach to studying this was as a skeptic. He
wants to prove it doesnt work. But so far his test results show it does. They are going to install it on 2 more vehicles now.

Read the full testimonial on HHO and Water4Gas here–>

Water-Powered Cars: Hydrogen Electrolyzer Mod Can’t Up MPGs

Water-powered cars continue to be the largest single topic taking over my in box—and the Comments section of this Web site. And it’s not just my recent column on the truth about water-chugging prototypes. This trend has become an obsession with many backyard inventors, and some of them have become quite strident, insisting that if I knew anything at all about cars, I’d be embracing this technology. They say it could help change the world as we know it. They even say it could eliminate the energy crisis altogether. For this sentiment, I applaud them. And honestly, I hope it’s all true.

This is an interesting article and hopefully we will get to see the results as the testing of the HHO auto gas for cars seems to be well done.

Read the whole article here–>

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HHO Auto Gas Test?

I was so hopeful that the HHO auto gas system would work and help both the environment and my bank balance. Then I was following a test case and the ‘results’ are posted here. They weren’t what I was wanting but………then I started reading the comments and there were some interesting ones.

Don’t just read the results read the comments too. It’s all very interesting……

Read it all Here–>

And as I said, make sure you read the comments too. It goes to show that even the so called experts can’t be taken verbatim, we need to do our own due digilence.

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Water Requirements For The HHO Auto Gas

Because of the way this system uses water, you can drive for several months before needing to refill. One jar of water will expand to about two thousand gallons of combustible gas. You can see how, if every vehicle converted to this technology what a saving it would be in more ways than one, cleaner exhaust systems, more dollars in our pockets and the US not having to depend on foreign nations for oil.

As there is not a huge amount of water required to convert to brown gas or HHO auto fuel, we won’t be putting any strain on the water supply either. As long as it is water, you can even use sea water if no other is available. Some say sea water is even better than tap water.

This really does look like a win-win for us all.

Take a look at what WaterCarPro says

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