Advanced HHO

Advanced HHO
The Cutting Edge In HHO Technology

Advanced HHO offers truly cutting edge HHO Dry Cell systems. Unlike many other dry cells, Advanced HHO systems are tested and proven under a variety of conditions, and they stand behind their products.

Advanced offers a wide array of systems for virtually any budget and performance need. They have everything from the DC 450 shown in the image below that brings a new standard to smaller plate designs, up to their ES24 Commercial and Marine Dry Cell.

ES4000 System

Whatever your needs, Advanced has you covered.. all the way up to complete systems that include everything that you will need for an full installation, which includes the Fuel Saver Flash Chip or the EFIE Max for gasoline vehicles. They also offer a MAF Enhancer for diesel vehicles.

If you need a more heavy duty system they have those too in their ES4000 and ES8000 systems. The ES4000 for example, utilizes larger plates and employs eight cell technology and can handle up to a 4.5 liter engine.

DC 450

Advanced HHO